When You Need Water Damage Restoration

Some of The Causes of Water Damage

Basements can flood for many reasons, poor construction, improper or clogged drain tiles, broken pipes, sewer clog or tree roots. Poor construction can be the cause water problems in your home. It is extremely important to find these flaws before they cause damage.

Poor Construction

Experienced water damage restoration technicians have seen water damage from just about everything. If your home was not wrapped with Tyvek properly this will allow water to enter behind your siding and find its way into your home. If plumbing is not done properly you can have weak joints, fittings, or even improper slope to drains that can cause some real issues. There is even a type plumbing thought to be good at the time but has been outlawed because the fittings are unable to withstand the pressure over time.

Improperly Constructed Drains

Drain tiles can be an issue. If you have none or poorly installed tiles there’s a good chance water is not carried away from the house and can find its way into your home. Improper installation can allow dirt and debris to clog the drain. Tree roots can also plug drain tile and cause a back up.

Frozen Pipes

In the winter unprotected pipes can freeze and rupture pouring water inside the walls and that will quickly flood the house if the water is no turned off. In cases where a pipe breaks, removing the water can take time and is quite a crucial process. Before proceeding to the next step of water damage restoration it is important that home owners have all of the flooded water removed from their house.

No Time to Wait

Immediately drying the flooded, water damaged, area is very important. It must be done quickly, properly and completely in order to stop any further damage from occurring. When water is left to dry on its own, the possibility for mold growth increases dramatically. Leaving flood water to dry on its own could result in further water damage to walls, cabinets, flooring and furniture